Month: September 2018

  • Rafters


    Sometimes it pays to look up. I had been working the speakers’ track at Greenfest, and couldn’t resist taking a frame of the rafters and the lights in the beautiful Grand Ballroom at Navy Pier. Eaves, Chris (May 17, 2008). Rafters [Photograph]. Chicago, Illinois. Shot on a Canon Digital Rebel XTi at 80mm, 1/100 sec.,…

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  • Into the City

    Into the City

    The view from the first car on the reverse run (engine in back) into the city. Eaves, Chris (Jan. 12, 2013). Into the City [Photograph]. Chicago, Illinois. Shot on a Canon 40D at 50mm, 1/2000 sec., f2.0, ISO640.

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  • Monk Tree

    Monk Tree

    I drive by this location occasionally, and the tree on the plain sometimes looks like a tall monk, standing in meditation. Here it is early in the morning on a beautiful autumnal day. Eaves, Chris (Sept. 30, 2012). Monk Tree [Photograph]. South Barrington, Illinois. Shot on a Canon 40D at 17mm, 1/60 sec., f16, ISO200.

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  • Boston Playtime

    Boston Playtime

    I was impressed by how active Bostonians are, and how their ability to get out and do things after work doesn’t end at the shoreline. Eaves, Chris (April 24, 2018). Boston Playtime [Photograph]. Location. Shot on an LG G7 at 4.03mm, 1/1300 sec., f1.8, ISO50

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  • Epic Creek

    Epic Creek

    “Epic Creek” isn’t really the name of this creek in Yellowstone National Park, but that’s what I’m going to call it, anyway. Eaves, Chris (July 7, 2017). Epic Creek [Photograph]. Yellowstone National Park. Shot on a Canon 6D at 17mm, 1/50 sec., f13, ISO320

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  • Left Leaning

    Left Leaning

    Another shot from that 2008 trip to Canada’s capital. The tower, known as Peace Tower, is so tall (302ft) that craning your neck is almost a given. Eaves, Chris (Sept. 1, 2008). Left Leaning [Photograph]. Ottawa, Canada. Shot on a Canon Digital Rebel XTi at 40mm, 1/50 sec., f22, ISO100

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  • Parliament


    Here’s another photo from our trip to Canada’s capital, this time of the Centre Block. Looking back at these older photos, it’s easy to see the mistakes I made, such as shooting at f22 and having some dust in or on the lens, framing, etc. Eaves, Chris (Sept. 1, 2008). Parliament [Photograph]. Ottawa, Canada. Shot…

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  • Hallowed Halls

    Hallowed Halls

    Walking through the capitol buildings in Ottawa, there’s a moment when the tour goes from Parliament to the Library of Parliament. I loved the color of light in the hallway, the warmth and texture of the ceiling and the cold and shine of the floor. Eaves, Chris (Sept. 1, 2008). Hallowed Halls [Photograph]. Ottawa, Canada.…

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  • Fox Industry

    Fox Industry

    Another in my Fox River series, this one highlighting investment and revitalization along the river. Eaves, Chris (Sept. 7, 2015). Fox Industry [Photograph]. East Dundee, Illinois. Shot on a Canon 6D at 50mm, 1/60 sec., f18, ISO100.

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  • Fox Stack

    Fox Stack

    This smokestack on the Fox River hints at the decades of industry and prosperity the Fox River brought to the entire Fox Valley region. Eaves, Chris (Sept. 7, 2015). Fox Stack [Photograph]. West Dundee, Illinois. Shot on a Canon 6D at 50mm, 1/125 sec., f18, ISO100.

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