Month: January 2019

  • Summer Daydreams

    Summer Daydreams

    Today is part 3 of 10 in my Montreal series. Coming from Chicago with its lake, Montreal does well with the fast-flowing river at its doorstep. Here’s the typical idyllic scene of Quebec in all its mid-Summer glory. The first two photos in this series were both analog shots, and I have a rather nice…

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  • Old Montreal

    Old Montreal

    Today is part 2 of 10 in my Montreal series. We walked or took the Metro everywhere, and it was quite liberating to be free of a car and all that driving entails. Old Montreal was busy in that good sort of way. Eaves, Chris (Sept. 1, 2018). Old Montreal [Photograph]. Montreal, Canada. Shot on…

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  • Picking Peppers

    Picking Peppers

    Welcome to my Montreal series! Today is part 1 of 10, including a mini-Metro series in the middle of it. I hope you enjoy! Today we start with a trip to the Jean Talon Market. It was a grey day, but perfect for wandering around on foot. The market is a visual delight and a…

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  • Haeger Water Tower

    Haeger Water Tower

    One of the more valuable parts of the property is the water tower, which was sold (I was told) to a company in California for $750,000. Originally the town or the company was thinking of tearing it down, but it was valuable as a cell phone service site. At least part of the property is…

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  • Maintenance Crew

    Maintenance Crew

    This gentleman told me a bit about the Haeger plant, and we chatted for a few minutes and about how the plant couldn’t compete with cheap, overseas labor. Most striking was his comment, “I’m glad I’m old. I won’t be around to deal with what the younger generations have to.” In the end, he was…

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  • Apply at Office

    Apply at Office

    I goofed a bit on my development, as you can see by the bubble on the right side of the frame. It was my second roll ever developing myself, so mistakes were bound to happen. I’m amused by the fact that plant got so many walk-in job seekers at his door that they manufactured a…

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  • Haeger No. 7

    Haeger No. 7

    The second in my Haeger series, this one shows entrance No. 7. The old-school fire alarm bells give away the age of the buildings on this well-kept but shuttered property. It’s a shame to see small-scale manufacturers like Haeger collapse in the global economy. Eaves, Chris (Aug. 11, 2018). Haeger No. 7 [Photograph]. East Dundee,…

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  • Haeger Series

    Haeger Series

    Today marks the first in a five-part, unauthorized series on Haeger Potteries. Formed in 1871, Haeger operated for 145 years in East Dundee, Illinois. Clay from the nearby Fox River supplied the plant, which got a business boon as a result of the Great Chicago Fire. Bricks quickly replaced the wooden structures that fueled the…

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  • Opportunities Abound

    A common misconception I see among amateur photographers is this notion that good photography requires exotic locales. Instagram doesn’t help matters with infinity-scrolls of perfectly fantastic images. The simple fact is, though, that with practice, patience and a willingness to explore the areas around us, there’s plenty to shoot. Especially by explore the golden hours.…

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  • Field Studies No. 2

    Field Studies No. 2

    OK, we’re back at it with another shootout between a full-frame DSLR, the Canon 6D with a pancake 40mm and a Bronica SQ-A medium format film camera with the kit Zenzanon 80mm (40mm full frame equivalent). I’ve square-cropped the DSLR’s image to make it a fair comparison. Let’s set the stage:   Here’s a view…

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  • Field Studies No. 1

    Field Studies No. 1

    Last year I acquired a Bronica SQ-A medium format film camera. I wanted to see the difference between it and the full-frame Canon 6D I normally use. After a few YouTube tutorials, I hopped in the car and stopped for a few quick shots, using the 6D as an expensive light meter. Of course, it…

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  • Spring Road

    Spring Road

    We’re entering that time of year when Spring feels very, very far away… Eaves, Chris (Feb. 26, 2008). Spring Road [Photograph]. Oak Brook, Illinois. Shot on a Canon Rebel XTi at 60mm, 1/4000 sec., f2.8, ISO100  

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