Metro Series, No. 2: Metro Abstractions

Welcome to my Montreal series! Today is part 6 of 10, and we’re in the middle of mini-Metro series amid it all.

Today’s pic is all about textures and shapes. What I realized most when looking back at the photos from the trip is that I really, really liked carrying around the 6D with just the 40mm pancake lens. Hauling around the Bronica SQ-A wasn’t horrible, but the 6D-40mm setup felt like as light as a feather. I realize that’s not really the case, but it’s all about perspective. Anyway, I hope you enjoy this subway abstraction.

  • Eaves, Chris (Sept. 1, 2018). Metro Abstractions [Photograph]. Montreal, Canada. Shot on a Canon 6D at 40mm, 1/125 sec., f2.8, ISO1600