Crick Crossing

We’re crossing the final bridge in my 6-part “small bridge” series. I hope you’ve enjoyed it. Leave a comment on one of my social channels if you have. To view other posts in this series, click the “bridge” tag at the bottom of this post.

Everyone knows that it goes River > Creek > Stream > Brook > Crick. Unless you are one of those poor souls who says a crick is a creek, in which case I don’t know what to do with you. Anyhow, the State of Illinois built a bridge over a crick so people wouldn’t get their Timberlands muddy.

  • Eaves, Chris (Oct. 20, 2018). Crick Crossing [Photograph]. Moraine Hills State Park, Illinois. Shot on Canon 6D at 40mm, 1/125 sec., f4 at ISO200.

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