B&W Studies, No. 5

Photo no. 5 in my new 14 image series.

For a moment here we’re going to hop a few states south for a shot of northwest Arkansas. Those of you who follow me know I love a good S-curve in photography. It should be not a surprise, then, for you to learn that every time I went over these tracks and up the hill on this road in Johnson, I wanted to stop and get a photo. And so I did. My little Fuji X100T camera did great, considering the predawn hour and the high ISO it took to get a reasonably steady shot.

  • Eaves, Chris (April 17, 2019). B&W Studies, No. 5 [Photograph]. Johnson, Ark. Shot on a Fujifilm X100T (crop sensor) at a fixed 23mm and at 1/18 sec., f5.6 at ISO6400.

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