Month: March 2023

  • Tropical Nights

    Tropical Nights

    Last “new” photo from a 2007 trip to Puerto Rico, this one taken with a bulb shutter at night.

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  • Niagara of the South

    Niagara of the South

    A slightly different take from “Southern Falls“, which I published in 2018. This one has a bit of foliage framing. As you can see, I’ve now made it into 2010 on this journey through my digital archives.

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  • Island Industry

    Island Industry

    As I continued to dig through the archives, I found this one from a trip to Puerto Rico back in 2009. We’re looking at the loading pier/dock for the abandoned and since redeveloped Guanica Sugar Mill. Once one of the largest sugar mills in the world, it closed operations in 1982 and loomed large for…

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