Mar. 3, 2017



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  • Rockton Hydro, nos. 1 & 2

    Rockton Hydro, nos. 1 & 2

    Today marks the end of our brief journey across northern Illinois as we visit Rockton. This village of approx. 7,800 people includes a small downtown area and a hydroelectric plant, which opened in 1929. I hope you’ve enjoyed the series. (top) Rockton Hydro, No. 1, and (above) Rockton Hydro, No. 2, March 6, 2024. Rockton,…

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  • Abandoned Americana, nos. 22 & 23

    Abandoned Americana, nos. 22 & 23

    I tend to showcase abandoned farms and farmhouses in my ongoing Abandoned Americana series. However, today we get images of a one-room schoolhouse in Ridott Township, Illinois. The plaque above the door says “Dis. No. 5, 1871.” (top) Abandoned Americana, No. 22 and (above) Abandoned Americana, No. 23. March 6, 2024. Ridott Township, Illinois.

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  • Country exploration (con’t)

    Country exploration (con’t)

    South of Freeport lies Albertus Airport, which recently began hosting an annual airshow. Approaching from the south, I recognized the telltale signs of navigational aids and made a brief detour toward the runways. The pilot in the above photo was practicing touch-and-go maneuvers. The surrounding countryside is indeed farm country. (top) Touch and Go and…

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  • Country exploration

    Country exploration

    Just off U.S. 20 is an unremarkable barn amid the overgrowth of saplings and bramble. This stone row marker, though, piqued my interest. Nearby, a pile of abandoned tires sat amid the thorns and brush. Ironically, there’s a Goodyear tire factory close by. (top) Row Marker and (above) Tire and Briar Patch, March 6, 2024.…

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  • ‘Rite Way Walkway’ and ‘breakfast run’

    ‘Rite Way Walkway’ and ‘breakfast run’

    The legacy of iconic stores in Freeport is apparent if you know what to look for. Rite-Way furniture and appliance has operated since 1972, and its current location once housed J.C. Penney and Montgomery Ward, Nearby, you can still see the mark left by Woolworths, its name still embedded in the sidewalk. In the U.S.,…

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