Mar. 3, 2017



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  • Project house

    Project house

    In the last post, I referenced a “project car,” and I name this image “Project House.” It’s sad that a house of this size can fall into such a decrepit state, and a few blocks away, house after house is in the same condition. Tomorrow, I’ll return to downtown Freeport, and we’re almost done with…

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  • Rolling, rolling, rolling …

    Rolling, rolling, rolling …

    Driving around Freeport, I found plenty of interesting spots, including a yard with a variety of vehicles that have been sitting around for decades. North American Van Lines, which still operates as a moving services company, was owned by PepsiCo at one point. Behind the trucks sat this project car. The building to the left…

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  • Real Deal Mistake

    Real Deal Mistake

    See how long it takes you to find the typo in this photo. Just a few blocks from the abandoned factory is this defunct convenience shop. Nearby is a beautifully renovated former railroad depot that is now owned by a private business. Across the street from the convenience store is this billboard. (top) Real Deal…

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  • Rawleigh’s Plant

    Rawleigh’s Plant

    My last image of the former Rawleigh’s factory in downtown Freeport, Illinois. One of the most striking aspects of this building is the space that has been cleared from around it. Nearby Rockford has a similar abandoned building, although revitalization is starting to encroach upon it. Rawleigh’s Plant, March 6, 2024. Freeport, Illinois.

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  • Rawleigh Skybridge

    Rawleigh Skybridge

    I love the architectural elements that are common among factory buildings of this era (1890s–1910s). Common among buildings that I’ve seen is this skybridge, robust and adorned with the company name. Again, there’s more broken windows and lots of glass on the sidewalk even though the attached building at right remains in use. On the…

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