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About Me

Originally from central Illinois (aka, the Heartland), I’ve called Chicagoland my home for nearly 20 years. I’m still a St. Louis Cardinals fan, and I’m still a Green Bay Packers fan, although I did convert to the Chicago Blackhawks. You can probably tell that photography is one of my hobbies. I also unwind through reading, writing, gardening, cooking and art.

Professionally, I am a corporate communications consultant. I’ve worked for Fortune 500, Fortune 100 and small businesses to help leaders better connect with their stakeholders. I’ve authored countless letters, memos, slide decks, etc., as a ghostwriter; developed communication plans for confidential projects; and led teams of writers and talented communicators who helped energize and motivate people to achieve the organization’s goals.

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(Photo Caption: One of my projects won a 1st Place award for User Interface Design and Content Management at the 2018 Reloaded Conference in Boston )