About Me

Originally from central Illinois (aka, the Heartland), I’ve called Chicagoland my home for 20+ years. I’m still a St. Louis Cardinals fan, and I’m still a Green Bay Packers fan, although I did convert to the Chicago Blackhawks. You can probably tell that photography is one of my hobbies. I also unwind through reading, writing, gardening, cooking and art.

Professionally, I am a corporate communication consultant. I’ve worked for Fortune 500, Fortune 100 and small businesses to help leaders better inspire stakeholder action and conviction. I’ve authored countless letters, memos, white papers, etc., as a ghostwriter; I’ve developed communication strategies and plans; and I’ve led teams who’ve helped energize and motivate people to achieve the organization’s goals.

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(Photo Caption: One of my projects won a 1st Place award for User Interface Design and Content Management at the 2018 Intra.net Reloaded Conference in Boston )