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  • New site design

    New site design

    After years of using the “Kale” WordPress theme, I’ve switched to a photography-friendly theme. I have a few complaints about the free version of the theme, the biggest being it seems to ignore the quantity value for how many posts I want displayed on a page. If you notice a few bugs here or there,…

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  • New Orleans travel series coming soon

    New Orleans travel series coming soon

    I’m finishing up the final write-ups and posts will start popping up by the end of the week.

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  • Support Me: Select Photos for Purchase

    Support Me: Select Photos for Purchase

    If you are enjoying the photos on this site, please consider purchasing one through my official store at Fine Art America. I’m featuring a dozen or so of my favorite photos, and over time I’ll adjust what is offered. Thank you!

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  • Blogroll


    Some of my favorite online destinations Photographers Piotr Kulczycki Jamie Maldonado Photography Steffen Knudsen Allen Photography Jeremy Cowart Nicolas Tarier Photography Dave Hill Hardy Klahold Photography Jan Erik Waider Dustin Abbott Darren Miles Photography Photography & Design Resources The Phoblographer Vandelay Design Design You Trust Flak Photo Photo District News (PDN) Emulsive Art & Inspiration…

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  • The site is back up!

    The site is back up!

    We’re back up, and with a new theme to boot! I liked the old one, but this one works a little better with my images. I’ve also revised some of the plugins to make things easier. Thanks for your patience while everything was put back in order.

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