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Zines provide a creative outlet with tangible results. I occassionally produce a zine called Parliament. Sales from the first volume paid for its production.

This 24-page zine tells a story, showcases what’s wonderful around us, and draws attention to stories that may have been forgotten. Only available while supplies last, this limited-edition zine is a great gateway to photography.

Each copy is numbered, signed, and hand-stamped.  Inside pages are printed on thick, glossy paper. Folded and stapled, the zine measures 5.5″ x 8.5″ or 8.5″ x 5.5″, depending upon the needs of the content.

Vol. 1 featured images from Chicago and opened horizontally to provide plenty of space for landscape and street photography.

Volume 2 explores “Abandoned Americana” and the changes in the rural Heartland over the last century. A publication date has yet to be set.

Why Parliament?

Most owls, like photogs, are solitary creatures. But when they get together, owls are known as a “parliament.” That’s where this zine lends its name.

Volume 2 is in production.

Volume 1 Corrections: On page 4,  the copy mentions “March” but should have read “February.” On page 16, the word “Willis” is missing (there’s a white gap where the word should have been).