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I’ve always loved taking photos, ever since I got a Kodak Disk 4000 camera (or something very similar), and then later when my parents passed down a Kodak Ektralite 10. And of course, I had a Polaroid camera with flash cubes/sticks. Back then it would take forever to use up a roll, since film was precious, and then wait until we could drive into town to drop it off at the pharmacy, where it would go into a mail-in envelope. A week later we’d check back, hoping the prints had arrived, and then we’d sit in the hot car, peeling our skin from the vinyl seats while looking at the glossy prints and trying our best to keep them in order (or putting them back in order) all the while trying to avoid getting our fingerprints on them.

Nowadays I can snag a pic on my phone, crop and adjust the photo, and send it to my printer—all within a minute or two. Heck, I can even “change” lenses because the phone has two of them. Of course, my DSLR takes way better photos, but chances are you’re reading this on something smaller than a 40-inch, 4K monitor, and I’m downsizing and compressing the photos anyway: so it doesn’t really matter.

I’ll post a few other things here (maybe a featured gallery or something better than a diatribe). But for now, this has been a start.

  • Eaves, Chris (July 6, 2017). Old Faithful [Photograph]. Yellowstone National Park. Shot on a Canon 6D at 40mm, 1/800 sec, f7.1, ISO100