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  • Boston Playtime

    Boston Playtime

    I was impressed by how active Bostonians are, and how their ability to get out and do things after work doesn’t end at the shoreline. Eaves, Chris (April 24, 2018). Boston Playtime [Photograph]. Location. Shot on an LG G7 at 4.03mm, 1/1300 sec., f1.8, ISO50

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  • Spring Day

    Spring Day

    A warm day in April drew people outside to enjoy walking, jogging, biking, and all kinds of activities as the workday wrapped up, including, as pictured here, sailing. Eaves, Chris (April 24, 2018). Spring Day[Photograph]. Boston, Mass. Shot on an LG G6. at 2.01mm, 1/798 sec., f2.4, ISO50

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