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  • Skykomish River, No. 4

    Skykomish River, No. 4

    This view of the Skykomish River can be found on Route 2. Most people only catch a glimpse of the river and bridge. At least the guardrail gave me some peace of mind as I walked along the roadway to get this shot. Skykomish River, No. 4. May 22, 2023. Snohomish County, Washington.

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  • Bridge into Index

    Bridge into Index

    I recently had a few free hours at the end of the day while out in Seattle, so I took a drive east into the mountains. Here’s the first photo in a mini-series centered around beautiful Index, Washington. Amtrak runs on this line, and I saw it fly past while I was at a crossing.…

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  • Adams Street Bridge

    Adams Street Bridge

    The sun poked through at just the right moment to illuminate a few pedestrians crossing the Adams Street Bridge. Eaves, Chris (Feb. 20, 2020). Adams Street Bridge [Photograph]. Chicago, Ill. Shot on a Canon 6D at 35mm, 1/100 sec., f5 at ISO125.

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  • Passing Through

    Passing Through

    Photo no. 11 in my new 14 image series. Another photo from my favorite under-the-highway spot, this time looking in the opposite direction. Traffic is fairly frequent on the road here, so it’s just a matter of time before a good subject comes along. Eaves, Chris (May 20, 2019). Passing Through [Photograph]. Elgin, Ill. Shot on…

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  • Nested Bridges, No. 2 and No. 2-alt

    Nested Bridges, No. 2 and No. 2-alt

    Photo nos. 9 and 10 in my new 14 image series. Today we revisit a place I’d previously shot back in 2018. In that image, I’d focused on the summer sun’s rays slicing through the symmetry (but not quite perfectly). This winter I went back and took a different approach. In the first version, above,…

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  • Sunrise Bridge No. 2

    Sunrise Bridge No. 2

    After stopping for the low-angle shot, I paused on the bridge over Lake Shore Drive to enjoy a bit more of the lovely lakeshore sunrise. Eaves, Chris (March 29, 2019). Sunrise Bridge No. 2 [Photograph]. Chicago, Illinois. Shot on Canon 6D at 40mm, 1/60 sec., f6.3 at ISO50.

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  • Sunrise Bridge No. 1

    Sunrise Bridge No. 1

    I was on a mission to get over to Photography Point. And I had to convince myself to stop. But the structure was too appealing to ignore, and I couldn’t pass on the opportunity to get a silhouette of the pedestrian overpass bridging Lincoln Park with North Avenue Beach. Eaves, Chris (March 29, 2019). Sunrise…

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  • Rails across the Illinois

    Rails across the Illinois

    One final photo from my short trip last month along the Fox River, which empties into the Illinois River. Here we see river ice as it landed on the bank with this awesome vertical-lift bridge for rail traffic in the background. Eaves, Chris (Feb. 13, 2019). Rails across the Illinois [Photograph]. Ottawa, Illinois. Shot on…

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  • Winter on the Fox River

    Winter on the Fox River

    I consider March still a part of winter in Chicago. Here’s a photo from last month after another lovely “wintery mix” storm dropped freezing rain and snow on us. Eaves, Chris (Feb. 13, 2018). Winter on the Fox River [Photograph]. Batavia, Illinois. Shot on a Canon 6D at 29mm, 1/125 sec., f6.3 at ISO50

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  • Crick Crossing

    Crick Crossing

    We’re crossing the final bridge in my 6-part “small bridge” series. I hope you’ve enjoyed it. Leave a comment on one of my social channels if you have. To view other posts in this series, click the “bridge” tag at the bottom of this post. Everyone knows that it goes River > Creek > Stream…

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  • Fox Crossing

    Fox Crossing

    At first glance, you probably are thinking that this doesn’t qualify for my “small bridge” series. But take another look, as we have nested bridges over the Fox River. Above us is I-90 in Elgin, Illinois. They rebuilt this entire structure recently, and I love that the State of Illinois nested a pedestrian and bike…

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  • Fox Double Bridge

    Fox Double Bridge

    One of the things I love about medium format photography is the focus falloff. The out-of-focus areas just evaporate into focus. Here we see a photo of Northwest Highway crossing the Fox River in Fox River Grove, Illinois. The river was at its banks most of the summer, and that’s what we see here. Eaves,…

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  • Heading South

    Heading South

    I totally missed the boat, as they say, on this one. I would have loved to have gotten a shot of them approaching with bridges raised. This scene unfolded back in October as I was returning from lunch in the South Loop. The raised bridges allowed a small flotilla of sailboats to make their way south along the…

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  • Winter at Salt Creek

    Winter at Salt Creek

    I remember this day clearly. I drove in to work despite a huge snowfall happening the night before, and the road conditions were pretty bad. I grabbed my camera, thinking that a lunch-hour stop at the forest preserve may yield a few good shots. Try viewing this on a large monitor for best results. Eaves,…

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  • A Troll’s Life

    A Troll’s Life

    Another view of the 113-year-old bridge in Hoffman Estates, Illinois. The first time I attempted to photograph the bridge, I made a horrible mess of the development cycle. I didn’t wind the reel properly, and I lost most of the frames. The 46-foot span creates some interesting compositions as traffic flows past. Here’s one with…

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  • Lion Bridge

    Lion Bridge

    Today I kick off a 6-part “small bridge” series with a shot of the Lion Bridge in Hoffman Estates, Illinois. Built in 1906, this reinforced concrete bridge cost $3,000 to build (About $83,000 in 2017 dollars). It was paid for by Hanover Township and Cook County. The bridge is now used for pedestrians and cyclists…

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  • No Fishing

    No Fishing

    Today’s post is a bridge between two series — the final from a walkabout in sub-zero weather and the first in a small bridge series that kicks off in a couple days. One advantage of shooting in bitterly cold weather is that most people are inside staying warm, so you can get some nice, vacant shots…

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  • Molson Beach

    Molson Beach

    Today marks part 4 of 10 in my Montreal series. OK, the name of this is really Plage de l’Horloge, or Clock Beach in my native tongue. I’m taking artistic license here and calling it Molson Beach instead. Sadly I just realized that I didn’t actually have any Molsons while in Montreal. I guess I’ll…

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  • Opportunities Abound

    A common misconception I see among amateur photographers is this notion that good photography requires exotic locales. Instagram doesn’t help matters with infinity-scrolls of perfectly fantastic images. The simple fact is, though, that with practice, patience and a willingness to explore the areas around us, there’s plenty to shoot. Especially by explore the golden hours.…

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  • Epic Creek

    Epic Creek

    “Epic Creek” isn’t really the name of this creek in Yellowstone National Park, but that’s what I’m going to call it, anyway. Eaves, Chris (July 7, 2017). Epic Creek [Photograph]. Yellowstone National Park. Shot on a Canon 6D at 17mm, 1/50 sec., f13, ISO320

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