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  • NYSE


    Here’s the obligatory NY Stock Exchange photo as I walked to the office. That’s it for this mini-series from NYC! NYSE. April 26, 2023.

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  • Office View

    Office View

    As an Expert in Strategic & Change Communications at McKinsey & Company, I had the privilege of visiting many of the firm’s offices—including the NYC office at 3 World Trade Center. The skyline views are intriguing, and I love the large, looming tower of One WTC (formerly called Freedom Tower). Some days, the view during…

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  • Nestled


    This tiny “77 Candy Store” at 77 Water St. is nestled under the larger building. Stumbling across it at night felt anachronistic, as if the store was a movie prop left behind rather than a “quirky” version of a standard NYC bodega.

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  • NYC 2023 Mini-series

    NYC 2023 Mini-series

    Over the next few days, I’ll post a few photos from a quick NYC trip in April 2023. Kicking us off are two night photos from a stroll in the nearly deserted financial district. (top) Night Squares and (above) Welcome to NYC. Both were shot on a Fujifilm X-T5 at 27mm and ISO 800.

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  • Rockton Hydro, nos. 1 & 2

    Rockton Hydro, nos. 1 & 2

    Today marks the end of our brief journey across northern Illinois as we visit Rockton. This village of approx. 7,800 people includes a small downtown area and a hydroelectric plant, which opened in 1929. I hope you’ve enjoyed the series. (top) Rockton Hydro, No. 1, and (above) Rockton Hydro, No. 2, March 6, 2024. Rockton,…

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  • Abandoned Americana, nos. 22 & 23

    Abandoned Americana, nos. 22 & 23

    I tend to showcase abandoned farms and farmhouses in my ongoing Abandoned Americana series. However, today we get images of a one-room schoolhouse in Ridott Township, Illinois. The plaque above the door says “Dis. No. 5, 1871.” (top) Abandoned Americana, No. 22 and (above) Abandoned Americana, No. 23. March 6, 2024. Ridott Township, Illinois.

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  • ‘Rite Way Walkway’ and ‘breakfast run’

    ‘Rite Way Walkway’ and ‘breakfast run’

    The legacy of iconic stores in Freeport is apparent if you know what to look for. Rite-Way furniture and appliance has operated since 1972, and its current location once housed J.C. Penney and Montgomery Ward, Nearby, you can still see the mark left by Woolworths, its name still embedded in the sidewalk. In the U.S.,…

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  • Lincoln Douglas Center

    Lincoln Douglas Center

    Across from the county courthouse sits the Lincoln Douglas Center, built in 1897. According to the building’s current owners, the structure features an Italian Renaissance style. The original owners, the German Insurance Company, went bankrupt after the great quake hit San Francisco in 1906. The county courthouse hosts a monument “To the heroic dead of…

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  • Drinking mural

    Drinking mural

    This colorful mural adorns the side of a small pub. Across the street is a Classic Cinemas movie theater with a surprising number of screens given its diminutive marquee and box office. (top) Drinking Mural and (above) Delivery Day, March 6, 2024. Freeport, Illinois.

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  • Pretzel Shop

    Pretzel Shop

    New businesses are reappearing in downtown Freeport, and the city has commissioned (or allowed) new murals in several places—including in this space between buildings. Of course, Freeport has long been known for pretzels, owing to its settlement by German Americans. From 1908-1915, the minor league baseball team played, the Freeport Pretzels. They one a league…

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  • The Sunshine Corner

    The Sunshine Corner

    This “drive thru” liquor store has closed, having seen better days. A couple blocks over, a defunct One Hour Cleaners sits in a building that was constructed in 1897. In the window, you can see a blue van with flower-power decals and an 80s era American car. A nearby shop placed mannequins in its upper…

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  • Project house

    Project house

    In the last post, I referenced a “project car,” and I name this image “Project House.” It’s sad that a house of this size can fall into such a decrepit state, and a few blocks away, house after house is in the same condition. Tomorrow, I’ll return to downtown Freeport, and we’re almost done with…

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  • Real Deal Mistake

    Real Deal Mistake

    See how long it takes you to find the typo in this photo. Just a few blocks from the abandoned factory is this defunct convenience shop. Nearby is a beautifully renovated former railroad depot that is now owned by a private business. Across the street from the convenience store is this billboard. (top) Real Deal…

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  • Rawleigh’s Plant

    Rawleigh’s Plant

    My last image of the former Rawleigh’s factory in downtown Freeport, Illinois. One of the most striking aspects of this building is the space that has been cleared from around it. Nearby Rockford has a similar abandoned building, although revitalization is starting to encroach upon it. Rawleigh’s Plant, March 6, 2024. Freeport, Illinois.

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  • Rawleigh Skybridge

    Rawleigh Skybridge

    I love the architectural elements that are common among factory buildings of this era (1890s–1910s). Common among buildings that I’ve seen is this skybridge, robust and adorned with the company name. Again, there’s more broken windows and lots of glass on the sidewalk even though the attached building at right remains in use. On the…

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  • Factory windows

    Factory windows

    Here’s another interpretation of the factory windows, this time in B&W. I can’t help but think of all the potential business the Freeport Glass Company could have. Around the corner (at left), we see an open window and screens (far left) that protect the open window. (top) Factory Windows and (left) Fresh Air, March 6,…

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  • Save me

    Save me

    In this stylized photo (B&W with a fade to color), we get a fuller view of the Rawleigh’s abandoned manufacturing building in downtown Freeport. The company still exists and has an online presence at https://www.wtrawleigh.com/. They have a slogan, “A Friend of the Family Since 1889.” According to their website, the company is now based…

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  • Freeport glass company

    Freeport glass company

    Downtown Freeport is a bit like stepping back into the 1980s, as the infrastructure from the 50s, 60s and 70s is still very apparent. I couldn’t help but notice the irony of the Freeport Glass Company’s building sitting opposite a large, abandoned factory—and its abundant shattered windows—that will be the photo focus for the next…

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  • Atrium


    The Atrium Restaurant and Lounge offered a variety of per person event options, such as a $28pp “Cocktail Party – Cold” menu that featured Eggplant Caponata, Endive Spears stuffed with Dungeness crab salad, mushroom caps, spiced and seared rare ahi tuna on a cucumber wheel, imported and domestic cheeses, and Norwegian salmon tartare on crostini.…

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  • Banquet


    Today marks the first image in a series focused on Freeport, Illinois. Entering the city along U.S. 20 takes you past a condemned and abandoned motel and banquet center. Unfortunately, it served as a sight of things to come … Banquet. Freeport, Illinois. March 6, 2024

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