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  • Rockton Hydro, nos. 1 & 2

    Rockton Hydro, nos. 1 & 2

    Today marks the end of our brief journey across northern Illinois as we visit Rockton. This village of approx. 7,800 people includes a small downtown area and a hydroelectric plant, which opened in 1929. I hope you’ve enjoyed the series. (top) Rockton Hydro, No. 1, and (above) Rockton Hydro, No. 2, March 6, 2024. Rockton,…

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  • ‘Rite Way Walkway’ and ‘breakfast run’

    ‘Rite Way Walkway’ and ‘breakfast run’

    The legacy of iconic stores in Freeport is apparent if you know what to look for. Rite-Way furniture and appliance has operated since 1972, and its current location once housed J.C. Penney and Montgomery Ward, Nearby, you can still see the mark left by Woolworths, its name still embedded in the sidewalk. In the U.S.,…

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  • Rawleigh Skybridge

    Rawleigh Skybridge

    I love the architectural elements that are common among factory buildings of this era (1890s–1910s). Common among buildings that I’ve seen is this skybridge, robust and adorned with the company name. Again, there’s more broken windows and lots of glass on the sidewalk even though the attached building at right remains in use. On the…

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  • Factory windows

    Factory windows

    Here’s another interpretation of the factory windows, this time in B&W. I can’t help but think of all the potential business the Freeport Glass Company could have. Around the corner (at left), we see an open window and screens (far left) that protect the open window. (top) Factory Windows and (left) Fresh Air, March 6,…

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  • Exit


    Today, we’re leaving the hotel, and tomorrow we’ll explore downtown Freeport. Even though it was the middle of the day, this hotel weirded me out. Mattresses were discarded in the dumpster, most of the lower-level windows were boarded up, and the back door was propped open. I wasn’t (and still am not) brave enough to…

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  • Noir Log Cabin

    Noir Log Cabin

    Final photo from Galena, Illinois. The bright red neon sign of Log Cabin Fine Foods bathes the street in scarlet. Converting the image to black and white tells a better tale of a calm night on the town.

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  • Outside the ‘Slaughter Pen’

    Outside the ‘Slaughter Pen’

    Fierce fighting and a heroic effort by Union troops in the woods at the left side of this photo saved the day—and the battle—for the Union army.

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  • Through the Barricade

    Through the Barricade

    Barricades have been reconstructed throughout the park and are surprisingly tall.

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  • Stones River National Battlefield Series

    Stones River National Battlefield Series

    Over the next few days, I’ll post a handful of photos from my summer trip to Murfreesboro, Tenn., where I toured a Civil War battlefield. This National Park Service facility has a guided audio tour that will describe the events that took place before you, and the visitors center has a small museum that’s worth…

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  • Rantoul, No. 2

    Rantoul, No. 2

    There’s something compelling about late-evening sun and the geometry of buildings.

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  • Island Industry

    Island Industry

    As I continued to dig through the archives, I found this one from a trip to Puerto Rico back in 2009. We’re looking at the loading pier/dock for the abandoned and since redeveloped Guanica Sugar Mill. Once one of the largest sugar mills in the world, it closed operations in 1982 and loomed large for…

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  • A stroll in Marlow, England

    A stroll in Marlow, England

    The weather played tricks all day, with fits of snow blowing through in waves. In between, it was quite nice, albeit cold. Still, I had a chance to snap a few pics on my Fuji X-T3.

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  • Still Life Practice

    Still Life Practice

    One happy side effect of practicing still-life shots is that you then get to enjoy the subject matter afterward. This mum, for example, has lasted all week. I called this “You CAN Do Something with a Flower” as that was my youngest’s reaction when she saw the photo on my monitor. Eaves, Chris (March 21,…

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  • Branching Out

    Branching Out

    A tree and its shadow along the banks of the Fox River.   Eaves, Chris (Feb. 20, 2021). Branching Out [Photograph]. Carpentersville, Illinois. Shot on Canon 6D at 16mm, 1/1000 sec., f8 at ISO100 with a polarizing filter.  

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  • Film Review: Rollei RPX 25

    Film Review: Rollei RPX 25

    For the last few months, I’ve been shooting with a large format film camera, and I’ll review the mediums I’ve been using during this time. First up is Rollei RPX 25 in 4×5 sheet film. And let’s be frank, I hate it. This film is thin. Like, 1-ply toilet-paper thin. It’s also flimsy. On location,…

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  • Hello 2021! Time for an update …

    Hello 2021! Time for an update …

    Despite the lack of posts here, I have been working on my art. A few projects that are in the works or wrapping up: Industrial Heartland seriesI still need to wrap this one up. I took photos last year, edited them, but didn’t get around to turning them into a published series. Large format photography!After…

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  • Ghost Pumpkin rising

    Ghost Pumpkin rising

    My adventures in 4×5 homemade pinhole photography continue, this time with Rollei APX 25 film. Exposure time was ~55 minutes. The collage photo used two continuous dish lights, as my LED lights’ batteries drained about 20 minutes into the second shot. I’m using a Jobo 2520 to manually rotary process the film, and I’m pleased…

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  • So, … I kind of built a camera

    So, … I kind of built a camera

    I ordered the 0.5mm pinhole on EBay as well as the film back, but everything else was from scratch. I didn’t have a proper router table and hobbled one together from scrap wood. Some of my cuts weren’t perfect, although it seemed to get the job done. The photo of the ghost pumpkin is a…

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  • City Park Lagoon

    City Park Lagoon

    I’ve included this image as part of my NOLA coaster set, which is available for sale at MidnightOwl.Gallery. One each of 5×7, 8×8 and 8×10 prints are also available (use the special order form). Eaves, Chris (May 21, 2016). City Park Lagoon [Photograph]. New Orleans, La. Shot on a Canon 6D at 50mm, 1/200 sec.,…

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  • Pre-Pay


    Chicago, unlike many large cities, enjoys plenty of open spaces and unused or underutilized spaces — including this parking lot that was vacant in the middle of a workweek. One copy of this print is available for purchase! Eaves, Chris (Aug. 7, 2015). Pre-Pay [Photograph]. Chicago, Ill. Shot on a Canon 6D at 50mm, 1/320…

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