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  • Rantoul, No. 2

    Rantoul, No. 2

    There’s something compelling about late-evening sun and the geometry of buildings.

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  • Rantoul, No. 1

    Rantoul, No. 1

    At the end of March, I had a chance to visit Rantoul, Illinois. I hadn’t been there in nearly 30 years, back when the Air Force base there was still operating. I had been there twice, both when I was a young Boy Scout on an overnight “lock in” at the base. Today, parts of…

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  • Time Tower

    Time Tower

    Elgin, Illinois was once a timekeeping and industrial marvel as home to the Elgin National Watch Company, and the Elgin Tower Building stands as a reminder of a time when winding up a pocket watch was something respectable men did. Built in 1929, the timing couldn’t have been worse for a tower built by a bank.…

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