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  • City Park Lagoon

    City Park Lagoon

    I’ve included this image as part of my NOLA coaster set, which is available for sale at MidnightOwl.Gallery. One each of 5×7, 8×8 and 8×10 prints are also available (use the special order form). Eaves, Chris (May 21, 2016). City Park Lagoon [Photograph]. New Orleans, La. Shot on a Canon 6D at 50mm, 1/200 sec.,…

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  • Power Grid

    Power Grid

    We’ve reached the final post in my New Orleans Travel Series. The city gets a bad rap in a lot of ways, but if you were to wager if a home in New Orleans had more power outages than my home in the NW suburbs of Chicago, you’d lose that bet easily. Seriously, I need…

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  • Superior Waiting

    Superior Waiting

    NOLA series, part 14 of 17.  We didn’t eat here, but next time we’re in town we’ll make an attempt. This whole neighborhood is abuzz with great energy and ample opportunities for wholesome fun.  Eaves, Chris (March 24, 2019). Superior Waiting [Photograph]. New Orleans, Louisiana. Shot on Canon 6D at 100mm, 1/60 sec., f4.5 at…

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  • Four on St. Charles

    Four on St. Charles

    NOLA series, part 13 of 17.  By the time we got to this point of the ride, it was getting quite dim outside, and it seemed as if the street cars were starting to congregate like fireflies in a summer field. Eaves, Chris (March 24, 2019). Four on St. Charles [Photograph]. New Orleans, Louisiana. Shot…

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  • The 907

    The 907

    NOLA series, part 12 of 17.  Having not ridden the streetcars much, we made a crucial mistake and hopped on the line here, only to be told to get off 2 stops later at the end of the line and forced to completely repay our fares. I’m still a bit bitter about it. The ride…

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  • Cracking a Window

    Cracking a Window

    Part 9 of 17.  This back porch in New Orleans offers great ventilation, but not much in the way of water or bug protection.  Eaves, Chris (March 23, 2019). Cracking a Window [Photograph]. New Orleans, Louisiana. Shot on Canon 6D at 70mm, 1/4000 sec., f4 at ISO1000. Support me on Patreon (chriseaves), and sign up…

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  • Outside Studies (Alongside the Bayou St. John)

    Outside Studies (Alongside the Bayou St. John)

    Part 5 of 17.  A student takes advantage of the wonderful spring weather in New Orleans to study outside. These benches along the bayou are functional at best, and I couldn’t quite bring myself to actually sit on any of them. Eaves, Chris (March 23, 2019). Outside Studies [Photograph]. New Orleans, Louisiana. Shot on Canon…

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  • On the Bayou

    On the Bayou

    Part 4 of 17.  You’ll see all kinds of things on the Bayou St. John, including kayaks, canoes and paddle boards, and sometimes furry companions ride along, too. Eaves, Chris (March 23, 2019). On the Bayou [Photograph]. New Orleans, Louisiana. Shot on Canon 6D at 300mm, 1/1000 sec., f5.6 at ISO200. Supporters on Patreon (chriseaves)…

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  • Bayou Stroll

    Bayou Stroll

    The Bayou St. John is a lovely little area of New Orleans. Like much of the city, people watching is a fun experience, and people from all walks of life wander through the area. When I look at this photo, I wonder if they are a couple, acquaintances, siblings, or random people having a conversation.…

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  • Mississippi Oil

    Mississippi Oil

    Part 2 of 17 in the New Orleans series.  When we think of the Mighty Mississippi, we often think of barges and steamboats. But head to the lower Mississippi River, and you’ll see ocean-going vessels like this one. Between Baton Rouge and the Gulf, the US Army Corps of Engineers maintains a 45-foot shipping channel…

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  • Levee


    Today kicks off a 17-part New Orleans series! As many of you know, I don’t settle for any one particular type of style. I take what interests me, and I publish what I think others might enjoy. And I’m often surprised at what resonates with you! And while I’m calling it a NOLA travel series,…

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  • Lifted


    A fun moment on the shore of Lake Pontchartrain. Eaves, Chris (May 19, 2007). Lifted [Photograph]. New Orleans, Louisiana. Shot on a Canon Rebel XTi at 18mm, 1/200 sec., f9.0, ISO200

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  • You Are Here

    You Are Here

    I’m not much of a street photographer, and my family doesn’t really “get” why I like this photo. Maybe it’s the Catholic schoolboys exploring the Quarter and how it reminds me of my scouting days. Or maybe it’s the painting of a cat wearing a tie and playing the trumpet that reminds me of my…

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  • Revealed


    There aren’t many places in the USA where history is layered within our passing gaze. The French Quarter in New Orleans reveals itself as readily as its patrons. Eaves, Chris (March 28, 2017). Revealed [Photograph]. New Orleans, Louisiana. Taken with a Canon 6D at 50mm, 1/1250 sec., f5 ISO200)

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