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  • Skykomish River, No. 4

    Skykomish River, No. 4

    This view of the Skykomish River can be found on Route 2. Most people only catch a glimpse of the river and bridge. At least the guardrail gave me some peace of mind as I walked along the roadway to get this shot. Skykomish River, No. 4. May 22, 2023. Snohomish County, Washington.

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  • Skykomish River, No. 3

    Skykomish River, No. 3

    When I was here, the river came up to the edge of the forest, with no bank at the water’s edge. The water flows past quickly and swirls back into this area with a log and a campfire. Skykomish River, No. 3. May 22, 2023. Snohomish County, Washington.

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  • Skykomish River, No. 2

    Skykomish River, No. 2

    Another view of the north branch of the Skykomish River. This spot is farther north in Snohomish County. Skykomish River, No. 2. May 22, 2023. Snohomish River.

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  • Skykomish River, No. 1

    Skykomish River, No. 1

    Standing on the bridge in Index, Washington bestows this wonderful view of the north branch of the Skykomish River. Skykomish River, No. 1. May 22, 2023. Index, Washington.

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  • Fall Colors along the Fox River

    Fall Colors along the Fox River

    Coming around the bend, I found this tree overhanging the bank and nicely framing the view.

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  • Adams Street Bridge

    Adams Street Bridge

    The sun poked through at just the right moment to illuminate a few pedestrians crossing the Adams Street Bridge. Eaves, Chris (Feb. 20, 2020). Adams Street Bridge [Photograph]. Chicago, Ill. Shot on a Canon 6D at 35mm, 1/100 sec., f5 at ISO125.

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  • Around and Around

    Around and Around

    I’m taking a posting break this week as I work on images from two walkabouts I took last week. Here’s a shot from earlier this winter. It snowed this past weekend, so it’s still relevant, at least here in Chicagoland. Eaves, Chris (Jan. 25, 2020). Around and Around [Photograph]. Elgin, Ill. Shot on a Canon…

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  • Tree in the Fox

    Tree in the Fox

    Photo no. 13 in my new 14 image series. Several of the images in this series have been along the Fox River, and today I’m posting a proper photo of the river. Eaves, Chris (May 20, 2019). Tree in the Fox [Photograph]. Dundee Township, Ill. Shot on a Canon 6D at 16mm, 1/100 sec., f8…

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  • Fox, Ice, Trees.

    Fox, Ice, Trees.

    The trees look like something from a dream as the sun shimmers off the ice-covered landscape. The brutal cold of the day made for some frozen fingers, but the ice-storm from the morning made for views that the camera just can’t do justice. Eaves, Chris (Feb. 13, 2019). Fox, Ice, Trees [Photograph]. South Elgin, Illinois.…

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  • Mississippi Oil

    Mississippi Oil

    Part 2 of 17 in the New Orleans series.  When we think of the Mighty Mississippi, we often think of barges and steamboats. But head to the lower Mississippi River, and you’ll see ocean-going vessels like this one. Between Baton Rouge and the Gulf, the US Army Corps of Engineers maintains a 45-foot shipping channel…

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  • Levee


    Today kicks off a 17-part New Orleans series! As many of you know, I don’t settle for any one particular type of style. I take what interests me, and I publish what I think others might enjoy. And I’m often surprised at what resonates with you! And while I’m calling it a NOLA travel series,…

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  • Fox Fishing

    Fox Fishing

    It was cold and windy, yet these two fishermen seemed to be having a good time fishing at the McHenry Dam. Eaves, Chris (Oct. 20, 2018). Fox Fishing [Photograph]. McHenry, Illinois. Shot on self-developed Kodak TX400 taken with a Bronica SQ-A at 80mm.    

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  • Rails across the Illinois

    Rails across the Illinois

    One final photo from my short trip last month along the Fox River, which empties into the Illinois River. Here we see river ice as it landed on the bank with this awesome vertical-lift bridge for rail traffic in the background. Eaves, Chris (Feb. 13, 2019). Rails across the Illinois [Photograph]. Ottawa, Illinois. Shot on…

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  • Frozen Forest along the Fox

    Frozen Forest along the Fox

    This little forest preserve along the Fox River offers beautiful views and plenty of nice walking and biking trails. Eaves, Chris (Feb. 13, 2019). Frozen Forest along the Fox. [Photograph]. Batavia, Illinois. Shot on a Canon 6D at 17mm, 1/200 sec., f9.0 at ISO50

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  • Winter on the Fox River

    Winter on the Fox River

    I consider March still a part of winter in Chicago. Here’s a photo from last month after another lovely “wintery mix” storm dropped freezing rain and snow on us. Eaves, Chris (Feb. 13, 2018). Winter on the Fox River [Photograph]. Batavia, Illinois. Shot on a Canon 6D at 29mm, 1/125 sec., f6.3 at ISO50

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  • Fox Crossing

    Fox Crossing

    At first glance, you probably are thinking that this doesn’t qualify for my “small bridge” series. But take another look, as we have nested bridges over the Fox River. Above us is I-90 in Elgin, Illinois. They rebuilt this entire structure recently, and I love that the State of Illinois nested a pedestrian and bike…

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  • Fox Double Bridge

    Fox Double Bridge

    One of the things I love about medium format photography is the focus falloff. The out-of-focus areas just evaporate into focus. Here we see a photo of Northwest Highway crossing the Fox River in Fox River Grove, Illinois. The river was at its banks most of the summer, and that’s what we see here. Eaves,…

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  • Heading South

    Heading South

    I totally missed the boat, as they say, on this one. I would have loved to have gotten a shot of them approaching with bridges raised. This scene unfolded back in October as I was returning from lunch in the South Loop. The raised bridges allowed a small flotilla of sailboats to make their way south along the…

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  • Pylon


    Another photo from that cold January day before the Arctic blast fully hit us. The ice started forming around the pylon for the pedestrian bridge over the Fox River. The full-color version of this photo is nearly black & white already, with the only colors being the distractions of a weed (cropped out) and the…

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  • Fly you fools!

    Fly you fools!

    The strength of the goose’s wings is in full display here as it launches itself into the air. The other honkers would shortly follow suit. Eaves, Chris (Jan. 26, 2019). Fly you fools! [Photograph]. Algonquin, Illinois. Shot on a Canon 6D at 300mm, 1/400 sec., f5.6, ISO50.  

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