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  • End of the Road

    End of the Road

    Going through this sign would place you into the Skykomish River. End of the Road. May 22, 2023. Monroe, Washington.

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  • Texaco Station

    Texaco Station

    During its heyday, Route 66 would at times be clogged with bumper-to-bumper traffic. It’s easy to understand why so many service stations line the road. What’s more difficult to imagine is that in 1937 a pedestrian tunnel was built in nearby Odell, Ill., to allow the town’s churchgoers to attend Sunday services.

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  • Mini-Billboard


    Cars fly past Dwight on nearby I-55, and the interchange has a typical assortment of fast food and gas station options. A little to the east lies a former Texaco station, complete with a mini-billboard.

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  • Mobil Station

    Mobil Station

    Not everything along the Route is in good repair, and in some cases, such as this former Mobil station, the rust and abandoned look is displayed with pride.

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  • Standard Sign

    Standard Sign

    This service station features painted shingle siding. All along the Route, there are points of interest like this one, and many feature an audio recording that you can play to give you the historical context of the place.

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  • Spring Road

    Spring Road

    We’re entering that time of year when Spring feels very, very far away… Eaves, Chris (Feb. 26, 2008). Spring Road [Photograph]. Oak Brook, Illinois. Shot on a Canon Rebel XTi at 60mm, 1/4000 sec., f2.8, ISO100  

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