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  • Skyline stickers

    Skyline stickers

    A photo from a recent day trip to Seattle—whoever said it’s always gloomy there? Also, to whomever put the QR code sticker on that pole, you stink.

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  • All in a Row

    All in a Row

    Back in 2006 I visited Toronto while I considered a Ph.D. program in Marketing. While there, I saw this new housing development and couldn’t resist taking a photo of the low winter sun illuminating the townhomes.

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  • Chicago’s Field Museum

    Chicago’s Field Museum

    A few photos from this week’s trip to the Field Museum.  

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  • Morning in Lincoln Park

    Morning in Lincoln Park

    Sunrise flaring on the lens adds a nice touch to the stillness of the scene. Eaves, Chris (March 29, 2019). Morning in Lincoln Park [Photograph]. Chicago, Illinois. Shot on Canon 6D at 36mm, 1/30 sec., f13 at ISO50.

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  • The Passing of Old Man Winter

    The Passing of Old Man Winter

    Back over in Lincoln Park, this wooden-framed structure offers a nice view of the Chicago skyline. At the time, it felt like winter was coming to an end. Little did I know that we’d get two more major snow events, the last one of the season dumping 5-inches of snow on April 27th. Eaves, Chris…

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  • Chicago Skyline

    Chicago Skyline

    Even back in 2009, you didn’t need a high-powered camera to take a good photo. This was taken on a small point-and-shoot camera. Click the image to open full-screen view. Eaves, Chris (Aug. 14, 2009). Chicago Skyline [Photograph]. Chicago, Illinois. Shot on a Canon PowerShotS D880 IS at 5mm, 1/400 sec., f5.6, ISO80.

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  • River City

    River City

    My hometown looking nice on a still Summer night. Eaves, Chris (June 2, 2012). River City [Photograph]. East Peoria, Illinois. Shot on a Canon 40D at 21mm, 72 sec., f20, ISO160.

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