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  • Opportunities Abound

    A common misconception I see among amateur photographers is this notion that good photography requires exotic locales. Instagram doesn’t help matters with infinity-scrolls of perfectly fantastic images. The simple fact is, though, that with practice, patience and a willingness to explore the areas around us, there’s plenty to shoot. Especially by explore the golden hours.…

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  • Lifted


    A fun moment on the shore of Lake Pontchartrain. Eaves, Chris (May 19, 2007). Lifted [Photograph]. New Orleans, Louisiana. Shot on a Canon Rebel XTi at 18mm, 1/200 sec., f9.0, ISO200

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  • Sunset Pier

    Sunset Pier

    The magical coast of central-California should be on everyone’s bucket list, or at the very least, on the list of top road trip adventures. There’s a wonderfulness in driving this section of California Route 1, and the sunsets, like everywhere on the U.S. West Coast, are amazing. Eaves, Chris (Oct. 8, 2011). Sunset Pier [Photograph].…

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  • Idahoan Fields

    Idahoan Fields

    “Just one more stop,” I said, apologizing to the family as I pulled onto the shoulder of the road. The fence. The barn. The poofball weeds. The clouds. The fading sun. The whole scene oozed character. #noregrets Eaves, Chris (July 3, 2017). Idahoan Fields[Photograph]. Victor, Idaho. Shot on a Canon 6D at 25mm, 1/125 sec.,…

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