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  • Skykomish River, No. 4

    Skykomish River, No. 4

    This view of the Skykomish River can be found on Route 2. Most people only catch a glimpse of the river and bridge. At least the guardrail gave me some peace of mind as I walked along the roadway to get this shot. Skykomish River, No. 4. May 22, 2023. Snohomish County, Washington.

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  • Bridge into Index

    Bridge into Index

    I recently had a few free hours at the end of the day while out in Seattle, so I took a drive east into the mountains. Here’s the first photo in a mini-series centered around beautiful Index, Washington. Amtrak runs on this line, and I saw it fly past while I was at a crossing.…

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  • Into the City

    Into the City

    The view from the first car on the reverse run (engine in back) into the city. Eaves, Chris (Jan. 12, 2013). Into the City [Photograph]. Chicago, Illinois. Shot on a Canon 40D at 50mm, 1/2000 sec., f2.0, ISO640.

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