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  • Ogilvie Station

    Ogilvie Station

    As I mentioned at the first of the year, I jumped into analog film development last year, and I enjoyed the experience—up until the part of digitizing the negatives for use in our modern world. Here is one of my favorite shots, taken during my morning commute. One of the pleasures of analog is the…

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  • Metra Sunrise

    Metra Sunrise

    Getting up before the break of dawn can be its own reward. Eaves, Chris (Jan. 6, 2016). Metra Sunrise [Photograph]. Palatine, Illinois. Shot on a LGE Nexus 5 at 4mm, 1/32 sec., f2.4, ISO372

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  • Into the City

    Into the City

    The view from the first car on the reverse run (engine in back) into the city. Eaves, Chris (Jan. 12, 2013). Into the City [Photograph]. Chicago, Illinois. Shot on a Canon 40D at 50mm, 1/2000 sec., f2.0, ISO640.

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  • Ticket Please

    Ticket Please

    A period actor dresses the part of conductor on the Mid-Continent Museum’s heritage railroad. Eaves, Chris (May 25, 2008). Ticket Please [Photograph]. North Freedom, Wisconsin. Shot on a Canon Rebel XTi at 17mm, 1/30 sec., f4.0, ISO200.

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